Stove, Old and New

After almost two months of trying to get our older stove fixed, which included four visits from two different repairmen, a reschedule due to a repairman’s family emergency, a reschedule due to them having ordered the wrong part, they finally came to the conclusion that it would cost more to find the wiring problem on the oven’s spark module than to buy a new stove. So now we have a NEW stove!

Before it broke, the old one had been fully functional, if a bit dated and worn-looking, but the new one is, of course, all shiny, AND has an oven light and oven window!!  (Yes, I am easily excitable – LOL!)

We also learned about having to do an ‘initial burn’ – oven on at 400F for 30 minutes – in order to, some say, ‘cure the insulation’ or ‘burn off the oil coating’ or something.  So we had fans and exhaust and open windows, and it did stink a bit, but not as badly as some of the stories I’d read online.  Whew!  (There’s got to be a better way – you know these kinds of fumes aren’t good when they recommend keeping children and birds away!)

So. Today, I’m going to bake for the first time in two months; am making banana bread as I know how it’s supposed to look and can tell how the oven’s doing temp-wise and all that. Woo Hoo!

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