Celtic Skull and Crossbones Original T-shirts, Prints, Etc!

Poison! Death! Pirates! Skeletons! Halloween! *grin* This design is a little different than my usual bright and colorful Celtic creations, but when John suggested it to me, I thought it would be fun to try something a little out of the normal zone. It’s a classic Skull and Crossbones design, marked with original Celtic knotwork art, and I also gave it a bit of distressing to make it look a bit worn, and possibly more evil. (Evil people are distressed! Have you heard that maniacal laughter? That’s not relaxed, jolly chuckling!)

(Sorry about the obvious copyright message across the image. The simpler designs are somewhat easier to ‘accidentally swipe’ – LOL. But the copyright notice doesn’t appear on any of the final prints or products, so no worries.) Click the above picture for frightening prints for your wall – sort of like a Celtic-Mexican Day of the Dead visage.

This distressingly scary dead dude also comes on, of course, things like t-shirts, cards, etc., which are excellent for things like Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19th), and naturally, Halloween! The t-shirts make a convenient costume for a party or trick or treating, tote bags are great for candy bags, buttons make a convenient way to rebel when costumes can’t be worn, and there are cards, and other cool stuff – take a look-see:

Click on a product above to browse the entire selection, which also includes Celtic Skull and Crossbones pint glasses (no one will drink out of YOUR glass), laptop skins, iPad and iPhone covers, pajamas, and, yes, more!

Okay, all of these exciting marketing words and exclamation points have tired me out. But if you like the design, please feel free to click a few links and browse through all the spooky bone art. 🙂

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