With Friends Like These Who Needs Mixed Metaphors

We’ve been posting weird out-of-context quotes to our website, appropriately named Out of Context Quotes, for over TEN YEARS now. (We being me, John, and our friend Tom.) What usually happens is that we’re in the middle of a weird conversation and suddenly we realize that something we just said as a natural and integral part of the conversation would sound really weird if it were taken out of context. The best kind of quote is one that’s spoken organically as the conversation progresses, and realized spontaneously as soon as it comes out of the speaker’s mouth, and makes an uninformed reader genuinely curious about what the heck we could be talking about in the first place to have said that, causing them try to imagine the original context in the first place, which seems to result in run-on sentences… or maybe that’s just me.

Sometimes these quotes even turn out to be something we can print on a t-shirt! (You were wondering when I was going to get to that, weren’t you – the image of the t-shirt being your first clue I bet.) The t-shirt doesn’t necessarily make it more understandable, just more wearable. And so, yes, our latest addition to our quotable t-shirts is the one you see here… “With Friends Like These, Who Needs Mixed Metaphors.” It’s funny on at least TWO whole levels (2!) if you like wordplay and geekful cleverness, but don’t ask how it came about in a conversation, that’s left as an exercise for the reader. If you’d like your very own wordfully woeful t-shirt, click the image above (there are many styles available, not just the Ringer Tee you see there) or click here if you’re too tired from reading all this to move your pointer/finger over a few pixels.

And by the way, our entire collection of Out of Context Quotes t-shirts can be found by clicking here. There are 35 of them… so far! None of which will be explained – that would defeat the whole purpose, or at least 95.5% of it.

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