Primordial Suns Series

A number of months ago, I created a mixed media piece I called “Primordial Suns”. When another artist friend of mine saw it she told me I should do a series, so I did! Well, a small series of three, but it’s still a series! They are all abstract watercolor paintings with black ink drawings of suns with wavy rays and spirals and other small details…

Primordial Suns I

Primordial Suns II

Primordial Suns III

Each piece was done on 14″x10″ 140 lb. watercolor paper and was a bit time consuming, especially the inked parts. When I was creating the first work, I had an idea that the abstract background represented the formlessness out of which light might have first sprung, thus the suns. Each one has it’s own distinctive feel despite their similarities, like they were the beginnings three different universes. (Yes, I’m a bit philosophical with these – LOL.)

To see larger versions (or buy prints) just click on any of the images to go to its gallery page at And thanks for looking!

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