Tropical Flower Splash Watercolor Painting

This watercolor painting was an experiment of sorts – I did no planning or sketching for this, just started painting, used a one-inch brush (mostly), and didn’t let myself stop and think too much.  The finished product took under two hours, with much of that waiting for certain areas of the painting to dry before proceeding.  It’s nice to do some fast and furious watercolors sometimes!

Tropical Flower Splash Watercolor Painting - available as a framed or unframed fine art print.

I know these flowers probably aren’t technically the kind normally used in leis, but the completed image really reminded me of Hawaii. I was also very happy with the layering effect that comprised the background texture – another experiment within an experiment! 😉 Oh, and click on the above link or click here for framed or unframed fine art prints.

I also put this painting on various products in my gift shop – journals, mugs, SIGG bottles, totes, t-shirts, ceramic tiles, etc. – click any of the images below to check everything out…

Thanks for looking!

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