Circle Tree of Life – Ink Version

The first Circle Celtic Tree of Life design (to the left) I completed by drawing the basic outline in ink on illustration board, then scanning it into the computer, and then coloring it all digitally.

I am very happy with the vibrant result, but always intended to create another version with the original outline drawing by inking in all of the details in black, and I finally finished it!

Click on the image to see a zoom or to buy framed or unframed prints. The background is digital, as I did the design on white illustration board, but the rest is all hand-drawn with archival inks. Actually, the background matches the one I used in the Celtic Letters Print, a sort of aged linen look, and would make a nice ‘set’ on the wall, if I do say so myself.

I also added the detailed illustrated version to t-shirts, sweatshirts, and all of the other stuff in my shop. (Click any of the images below to browse.)

It was a fun project – I always liked playing with markers. 😉

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