Vacation: Starfish in Colored Pencil

Not that I’m ever entirely sure where inspiration comes from, but the impulse to draw a starfish on a beach in colored pencil seemed to just come out of left field. On a good note, I’m not usually one to turn away the muse simply because there’s no seemingly rational explanation given along with the actual idea. When I’m being smart about it at least!

Although the details are a little hard to see in this smaller version, the part I like best about this image is that the water rolling onto the beach is so shallow that it’s clear – it’s still just the color of the sand, but darker – there aren’t any really obvious cool tones in the water at all.

Another thing I like is the dual-meaning title – ‘Vacation’ reminds many of us of trips to our favorite beach, but could also refer to the starfish having a little vacation from it’s usual home in the water as well, close to, but still away from, the gently rolling waves.

Click here or just click the image to see a zoom or to get a fine art print for your wall. Thanks for looking!

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