And They Call It Bungee Love

(Warning – a number of obvious and overdone bungee jokes litter this post! Apologies – I couldn’t stop myself.)

Don’t you just love bungee cords? And bungee cords like to express their love for you as well, if you let them!

Click on the image above for a print of this photo – available framed or unframed… a modern and masculine image of a love that will really hold things together in your life. *evil grin*

Of course, it’s no where near St. Valentine’s Day, but love springs eternal, especially when there is so much elastic involved. What the heck does that mean? It means you can buy the bungee heart on things like t-shirts, sweatshirts, greeting cards, and SIGG water bottles, etc. – just click any of the links below to bungee jump to all the cool stuff:

Go on, click an image – you’ll be hooked! (again – sorry)

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