Wild Kingdom Around Here

First it was the boar and boar piglets (see previous posts for video links), but then last night there was a fox dodging around here, and this morning, a bobcat! I got a few quick photos – the fox was elusive and the shot isn’t great quality but there’s the added bonus of getting a scrub (blue) jay in the shot as well, which I didn’t notice until later. (The old bathtub in the field is actually in a cow pasture and is for the cattle – heh.)

The bobcat photo was much better – he was just sitting on the hillside watching us. Seems like he waited for me to snap a photo and then jogged away.

I’m pretty happy to draw the line at animal close encounters with that. I did actually see a mountain lion (cougar) here a number of years ago, but those are really big and I’m not so much interested in seeing one of those close enough to get a photo, even with my zoom lens.

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  1. Nifty Galoot says:

    Nice photos! I especially like the bobcat. I’m envious of you getting such a good picture.

    There’s lots of wildlife around here too, don’t very often get to see much of it up close, except for the white-tail deer that like to jump in front of your car.

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