Boars and Piglets!

Recently, a number of wild boar have been coming down the hillside to root around for food. Luckily they aren’t the HUGE ones, just mid-size, and they scare away easily. But the other day when I was watching them, I saw this small rust streak under the boar and I realized there were boar piglets running around too! I wasn’t too successful with getting good photos at first, but then yesterday, the whole mini-herd came down and started rooting around and eating the fallen walnuts under the black walnut tree by our house (on the OTHER side of the fence, I’m happy to say.) And I was able to get some reasonable videos of the action – big boars and little colorful piglets!

Keep in mind that these videos were taken through the window screen, so they aren’t as sharp as they could be, and there’s really no sound, but the piglets are so cute – heh. Also, most of the clips are under 45 seconds long. Click here to see the videos. Enjoy!

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  1. kristen says:

    Glad you liked ’em! Those adult boars aren’t the bigger ones either – we occasionally have some that are at least 100 pounds heavier. And the tusks are a lot scarier too. But this size is more common. 🙂

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