More Black and White Photographs

I must have walked by this tree a thousand times, but it never struck me as wild or alive as it did the day I took this photo:

It was set between two huge old Live Oak trees, and maybe the contrast between their deep evergreen leaves and the dark naked branches that reach both up AND down was finally enough to wake me up. I called it the Witching Tree. Spooky, powerful, different, and lone.

I also caught another photo while out and about:

This is called Barely a Fence, for obvious reasons. It’s more of a visual barrier than anything else, because if a cow (or a rabbit for that matter) so much as breathed on it, it looks like it would just disintegrate! Ahhh, rural decay.

[Click on a photo if you’re interested in buying framed or unframed prints – you can also see larger versions after the clicks too.]

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