New Year, New Look!

When I was a kid, I used to get these urges to reorganize my bedroom, usually starting at about midnight and working steadily and in ‘uninterruptible’ mode until three in the morning. Or until I was satisfied and everything was in its new place. That mode descended upon me again this morning and I had an irrepressible urge to give this weblog a facelift and re-org.

It started when I loaded this page in my browser and felt that the Celtic Letters at the top had run their course (much as I still love the letters!) and were a bit too two-dimensional for my fickle changing tastes right now – LOL. I wanted something a little more ‘alive’ at the top so I chose some favorite photos and mixed them in with other pieces of color.

I also changed the background color to a deep teal (teal seems to be my favorite web color lately) and overhauled the left column with a new background color and reorganized link lists and such.

I’m also considering ceasing to mirror this weblog over at my account on LiveJournal. When I think of having to publish a post in two different places it makes me less want to post because of the (admittedly minor) hassle, but I haven’t decided yet about that. I wish, like facebook, there was a way of just sucking in the posts from my feed and having them show up in LiveJournal. Also SixApart has sold LiveJournal to a Russian company, which I’m sure will be fine, but it seems to be drifting away from its origins more.

So. Here is the new foxvox look, fresh for 2008. Guaranteed to last until the NEXT time I get the urge to mess with it. As always. *grin*

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