Celtic Daggers

My latest Celtic art is a bit more 3-D and realistic than I usually do, but it was quite fun to create all the same! (Hand drawn outlines, digitized outline in inkscape, then colored and 3-D’d in Photoshop.) So here are the Celtic daggers, decorated with etched and leathered knotwork and shiny green emeralds! In my shop, I have two designs available – you can get one stuck right through the front of your shirt or get two crossed over your heart.

Just using the black tees as an example – they’re available on all kinds of tees and gifts (including women’s plus size tees and things like stickers, etc.)

I also have unframed or framed prints available in my imagekind shop (with the added bonus of a decorative shield) – click the framed art below to pop over there – at the very least to play with all the online framing and matting options they have in their online framing engine! LOL.

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