Busy Skies

Lots of things flying around out here lately! Yesterday there was a low-flying airplane buzzing around. Low meaning I often heard it long before I saw it, and only then quickly through the trees – these are often planes with 4 propeller engines, and are a dark matte grey, probably military planes. I did manage to run outside and snap a picture of it – it’s flying a little higher in this shot, but you get the idea:

And then today I went outside with the dogs and had to run back inside to get my camera again. We see a LOT of contrail activity out here, which, all conspiracy theories aside, I’m starting to believe really has to do with weather alteration. Why? Because we see the trails in parallel patterns and then the day turns hazy. (And a little cooler – I tend to LIKE those conditions, but it’s still a little weird!) Anyway, it wasn’t just ‘normal’ contrails – the ENTIRE sky was covered with fluffy white lines – like a recently ploughed field in the sky! It didn’t last too long because of the wind, but it was sure amazing!

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