Early Frost Watercolor

I’m finding that 4″x6″ blocks of watercolor paper are excellent for playing with new ideas that don’t necessarily (at least yet) need to be large compositions. Less pressure, AND you can send them as postcards too if you want – heh. For this one, I decided to give into my leaf fascination and see what happened. I used salt in the paint for the ice crystals in the background, and splotches of rubbing alcohol for the leaf spots.

Early Frost Watercolor

Click the image to see the products in my cafepress shop with this design, Or click here for little 4″x6″, $4-$5 prints.

Oh! I almost forgot. I’ve started adding rectangular magnets to my cafepress shop – they are just made for having little works of art on your refrigerator! *grin* I’ve got a number of my paintings and my little black and white Celtic ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) available on the rectangular magnets so far.
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2 Responses to Early Frost Watercolor

  1. jean / rotem gear says:

    This is wonderful. It would even amke a great pattern for fabric, like for a 50s style flare skirt,worn with a matching aqua cardgian! 🙂

  2. Kristen says:

    Thanks, Jean! 🙂 And yes – I think you’re right – it would be really neat as a pattern! I’d buy fabric like this at least – LOL! Good thought.

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