Redneck Idiots

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally on a nice weekend, we get some idiots in a pickup truck, parking along the side of the road with guns, SHOOTING into the pastures on either side. They’re probably trying to shoot wild boar for sport, leaving the carcass behind to rot. Besides this being illegal, and cruel, and there not being many boar around right now, those pastures are filled with CATTLE, currently lots of mothers and calves that can look a LOT like boar. Not to mention that the shooting freaks them all out. And sometimes there are cattle rustlers/poachers too. And of course, it’s completely dangerous for us, as our house is just BEYOND those pastures.

As soon as John saw the truck and heard a gunshot, he ran back to the house and I called the neighbor who owns the cattle while John went back up towards the road with a walkie talkie. As soon as they saw him, they did a quick u-turn and drove off fast, down the road. Then, our neighbor (an elderly rancher with his son) arrived and John told them what happened, described the truck, and they drove off down the road after them. I’m not sure if they’ll find them, but I hope they at least get a license plate number!
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  1. joseph says:

    i love what you what you are doing too!!!Opened my eye…

  2. Kristen says:

    Thanks! Am honored you took a moment to stop by here! 🙂

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