Celtic Knotwork Keepsake Box

I finished another woodburned piece – a small Celtic Knotwork Keepsake Box! Here’s the official description: “An original, symmetrical and intricate Celtic Knotwork design, woodburned into the lid of a keepsake/jewelry box. The box is made from balsa wood, is very lightly stained with concentrated tea to give the knotwork a subtle highlight, and has three coats of varnish, inside and out, for a nicely finished look.” There are more photos available – just click on this image to visit the item listing in my etsy shop.
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  1. Kristen says:

    LOL – a case of synchronicity and time travel? Anyway – thanks a ton!! Just what an artist loves to hear! 😉 (For some reason I didn’t get notification of this comment and just found it – sorry for the lateness of my response!)

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