Tulips Watercolor

Tulips WatercolorI’m pretty happy with the way this tulip watercolor painting came out, and am oddly pleased with the few lighter bluish or background leaves I put in that seem to add a bit of depth to the composition. (Oooh – doesn’t using the word ‘composition’ make me sound all artisty? Heh.) And I can tell that my actual painting technique is getting tidier/steadier too. However, I’ll have to see if there’s some way to adjust my scanner as really pale yellows and blues tend to disappear into white when scanned. In the actual painting (12″x9″), the blue background is a bit paler than it appears online/here, but I ‘fixed’ the background, made it a bit darker, for use on t-shirts, journals, framed prints, etc. – will print with no ‘faded’ spots better this way. Weird, the odd issues that pop up as you do this stuff.
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