A number of weeks ago one of our turtles apparently climbed out of the pen/garden area. She was always kind of restless and a really good climber (she climbed out of John’s brother’s tank a few times too!)- it was a five foot high chicken wire fence! It was during one of those times where she got especially restless and probably had to lay eggs again. Well, we looked for her everywhere, but couldn’t find her, and knew her chances of surviving long out here weren’t good, as there’s practically no water anywhere. John had kept looking for her whenever he took the dogs for a walk too. Well, today he found her remains in the dry creek bed. John says he thinks the sandy soil near the edge looked disturbed, and that she might have layed another clutch of eggs there a while ago.

Well, ‘V’ (she had a ‘V’ shape on her turtle shell)… we hope you finally found some place that was better suited to your unique kind of turtleness!

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