I think I need a break from websites for a while – LOL – although I don’t know if that will really happen. See, using cafepress and the third-party scripts we have, and the ability to create subdomains, it’s ridiculously easy to create a new themed shop. The most recent one of them being Question T-shirts, which is just like it sounds – t-shirts with questions on them. They’re pretty normal questions, but they’re made weird in being put on a t-shirt. Or something like that. Basically, it was just an idea for a shop that seemed pretty easy to come up with designs for, so we went with it.

I’ve also been working on another site, but not a shop, more of a directory. I spent a while looking at free directory scripts around the web, but none were quite ‘it’. Then I got the idea to check on WordPress and see if it was adaptable to what we needed it to do, and it is! Actually, it’s a pretty robust program – I’m really impressed with it. It’s easy to install (even if you don’t have it set up with your domain host as a ‘one click install’ as we do) and it has a built in search and multiple categories, etc. It took me a little while to figure out how to customize the template/theme exactly how I wanted it, but it got a lot easier after I figured out how they were inserting info chunks using php. Anyway, that new site is in development right now, so I’ll keep the link to myself until it’s more ready for prime-time.

And that’s my excuse for not posting a lot here recently, among other busy-ness and happenings. Oh yes, and the heat. But I’m getting tired of hearing myself complain about the heat, so I’m not going to do that anymore.

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