Oooh – this is, quite literally, VERY COOL abstract art: Frizion. “Dr. Peter Wasilewski, a NASA scientist and Doctorate of Sciences recipient from the University of Tokyo, has been fascinated by ice all his life…. During an early exploration near the base of the Antarctic Peninsula Peter trod where no human had set foot before and there stands an ancient volcano that bears his name – Mt. Wasilewski. Later, on the maiden voyage of the Japanese icebreaker SHIRASE he would sample the Antarctic blue ice from the fields at Alan Hills (the now famous site of the – not yet verified – “life on Mars” meteorite) which invigorated the scientist and inspired the artist…. The derivation of the name FRIZION is a fusion of frozen and vision that describes this new art form. Each piece begins as a vessel of water which is then frozen, manipulated and viewed through polarized light – the resultant image, after much trial and error, becomes a FRIZION. The special crystallographic and optical properties of ice (transparency, double refraction, low birefringence, and an amazing variety of crystalline forms) make it a unique medium for artistic studies. Ice can be formed, shaped and wielded at (reasonably) comfortable studio temperatures and then brilliantly illuminated by the palette of colors unleashed from the harnessing of polarized light.” Check out the Gallery!

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