I don’t usually do ‘memes’ that go around, but this one looked like fun.

Ten things I have done that you, probably, have not – feel free to let me know if you have though!

1. Been in a flood that completely destroyed the road in each direction, trapping us on an ‘island’ with our house and cars.
2. Got air-lifted out of said flood in a large double rotor Red-Cross Helicopter when it landed on the hill by our house.
3. Helped build a working trebuchet (with two others who can, of course, also claim this) in the yard from scrap.
4. Drove across the U.S. twice – each time from the east coast to the west coast.
5. Saw a full grown mountain lion, in the wild.
6. Chased a wild boar out of our yard, more than once. Named it Wilbur.
7. Chased a really big (probably >1000 pound) black Angus bull out of the yard (also with two others, same as the trebuchet team) with brooms and shovels, unwillingly. Named it Barney.
8. Watched a wild hawk (goshawk) take a bird bath in a water bowl we put out during the summer for the wildlife – ten feet from the house. Didn’t name it.
9. Fed a wild squirrel popcorn. Went out by a tree with the popcorn, put some in my hand, and sat completely still until the squirrel came right up to me and ate out of my hand.
10. In college, played with an actual red laser (from the physics lab, not a laser pointer) in our dorm room that a friend of my roommate’s had brought over. Did things like spray baby powder all over to make interesting effects in the air. (Was quite a mess after we turned the lights back on!)

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