Unrelated tidbits:
+ Apparently, pierogies aren’t just raviolis stuffed with a potato concoction.
+ Sometimes I think that being who we are, being ourselves, is a delicate balance somewhere in between all the labels that sort of, but don’t QUITE describe us completely. It takes a lot of energy to maintain this constantly changing balance though, and sometimes you just get TIRED and just want to BELONG – whatever that means.
+ When I’m doing detailed ink drawings, I’m making myself blink every time I lift the pen off the paper. Otherwise, my eyes start to water, which blurs my vision ever so slightly and makes me lean in closer, until I’m hunched over the drawing, only a few inches a way. At least it seems like that. The lift-blink method seems to be working well so far, especially combined with the ‘keep your back straight and shoulders back’ amendment.
+ Nothing beats the sounds of rain splattering on the roof.

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