I’ve just recently learned about this activity called “Artist Trading Cards”, which is apparently quite widespread actually! The premise behind Artist Trading Cards is simple. Make a 2.5″x3.5″ (standard baseball card size) work of art that you can then trade (but not sell) for another card-sized work of art! Drawing, painting, collage, photography, anything you can think of, and then some. (Some more info here and here.)

Click on the image to go to my ATC gallery, which contains an album of ATC’s I have created (I think I have about nine in there now, most with Celtic knotwork of some kind) and an album of ATC’s I’ve received (one so far, since I’ve only just started with this.) This is a really cool way/excuse to make art and also a really inexpensive way to try out new things and expand your own artistic boundaries. I’ve been wandering through other people’s ATC galleries and just keep getting more and more impressed with the variety, creativity, and downright cleverness exhibited. (I should stop browsing and get back to creating before ‘impressed’ turns into ‘intimidated’ and defeats the whole purpose – LOL.)

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