Ranch RelicSpend about five minutes wandering around out here in the country and chances are you’ll find some abandoned piece of ancient farm equipment half- buried in the ground. (I don’t know what the official word for this tractor attachment is, but I’ve seen similar ones used to turn over a field, similar to a rototiller, I’d imagine.) When the equipment just sits outside, the dust settles around it, and grass grows and the cycle continues. When I’d watch National Geographic specials on television as a kid, I’d wonder how old civilizations would get so completely buried over the years… now I know.

Weathered BarnI found the equipment behind this barn, which is right down the road from us. Mostly it’s used by various neighbors as storage, including old tires, wooden produce boxes (photos of these soon), a pickup truck cap and accessories, and lots of birds. Okay, the birds aren’t “stored” there as much as “live” there – LOL – but it still counts. They even occasionally use one part of the barn for sheltering cattle, no kidding.

And don’t worry, eventually I’ll take photos of something beyond the current “back country living” theme. So, enjoy them now, knowing that this barrage of rust, weathered wood, and scenery will eventually come to an end. *grin*

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