Oak Leaf, B/WI can’t believe that it took me so long to realize that ONE of the oak trees along our long private road is actually a classic kind of oak tree and not a Live Oak! I guess it’s because we usually just drive by that part or are trying to dodge cows at the same time – sounds like a good excuse. *grin* Fallen Oak Leaf in brown duotone, on t-shirts, cards, etc.Anyway, to the left is a photo of a classic oak leaf on the classic ground – heh – I thought this did well in black and white, as the brown dirt was quite, well, brown and dirt- like. I also did up a slightly different version of this photo for my shop (to the right), and I think it came out rather neat, myself. (Ironically, I did a brownish hued duotone from the black and white image. LOL.) John even suggested that this picture would look good as a small “pocket” area design on the shirts, so I did that too. (Click the image to the right if you want to see the t-shirts, etc.)

Rust Cow with Black CalfAnd while I’m at it, here’s another photo taken the same day, on the same walk. The rust-colored cow is the black calf’s mother (the father is a black bull that’s in with the herd right now, probably Angus). I actually used these two as subjects when I was testing my camera’s video capability too. I got a cute video of the mother licking the calf’s face clean. (I’ll double check the file size – if it’s not TOO big, I’ll try to post a link for anyone that wants to see it. I’m pretty sure I still have a lot of unused bandwidth for the month.) Yup. Cow video. Doesn’t get more exciting than this!

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