Ornaments!!! I’ve finally got ornaments available in my shop – about 45 designs on round porcelain, and they come with a ribbon for hanging too – oooooh! *grin* There are design elements from some of my more complex Celtic designs, simple white (snow/icy- ish) Celtic designs on red and green backgrounds, all twelve zodiac signs, as well as some novelty designs like Chinese I Ching symbols for peace, abundance, and creativity, a coral rose, a peeping eyeball, things like that. So, yeah… ornaments.

Oh, and speaking of holidays, I hope everyone has a good Halloween weekend! John is required to dress up for work today, but since he works in a hospital kitchen and gets messy, he’s only doing a tie-dye shirt, old jeans, and a head scarf with peace buttons, but will still be quite recognizable as a hippy, I think. Me? I’m going as an artist undercover, trying to look just like a normal person, but knowing I’m not – think anyone will guess it? *grin*

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