Wild Kingdom. I was just about to close the window in the bathroom when I noticed something under the roof of the shed about 12 feet away. At first I thought it was the stray dog that had been hanging around a number of days ago, but when I looked closer, I saw it was a BOBCAT!

I startled it a little with the window noise, but it calmly jogged off around the house instead of bolting. So I quickly grabbed my camera and ran to the kitchen and looked out the window in the door there.

In the photo, note the car, the large tree, the bobcat, and the bunny. The funny thing is that the bobcat went around the other side of the car, the other side of the tree (and seemed to be sniffing and looking around – maybe it detected the dogs’ scents), PAST THE BUNNY (which was frozen still) , and then hung around by the gate for quite a while, looking up the road, before it then took off. I lost track of it when I switched to the front windows instead. I’m rather glad it didn’t seem to be in the mood for rabbit stew this evening!

So that’s my adventure of the afternoon. We haven’t seen a bobcat around here in about five years, so that’s an interesting point as well. Maybe it was a coyote dressed up as a bobcat for Halloween?

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