Sorry I
haven’t posted in a while. The other night as I was laying down to sleep I
got a few ideas for a new design and had to create it the next day. It
took me a rather short time to draw and ink, but a longer time to scan,
clean it up, and then fill out color and texture on the computer. But
anyway, it’s a holiday design I call Celtic Reindeer
, as it looks rather like it was painted on leather. Also kind
of reminds me of a decorated drum head. Click on the image to see the
design on t-shirts and stuff (I’m especially tickled with the greeting
cards – maybe I’ll get some of those myself for the holidays), or click
here for a ZOOM image
(will go to the gallery where you can also send
this as an e-card.) Oh, here’s a fun detail, the three round designs? They’re actually christmas tree bulb/ornaments connected with the red ribbon. *grin*

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