Under Attack! This evening our house was SURROUNDED by dragonflies
(and damselflies, of course). There were hundreds of them swooping all
over the place, around the house, in the trees, everywhere. When they
dipped towards the ground the dogs were happily chasing them until they
swooped off again. (The dragonflies, not the dogs. The dogs aren’t prone
to swooping much, unless it involves cheese somehow.) I stood outside in
the middle of it all, just amazed, and got buzzed a number of times.
They’d come up really close, pause, then woosh away really quickly –
probably didn’t help that I was wearing a turquoise/teal colored shirt!
(They LOVE John’s teal car – LOL.) We’ve lived here a number of years and
have NEVER seen them do this before – it was just…. spectacular – yes,
that’s the word!

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