Libra Zodiac, the scales (sample - all signs available)Ahhhhhh!
Well I finally finished uploading my (72) image files and then creating
t-shirts and sweatshirts and mugs and other products (204). Whew! So,
here’s my zodiac stuff – just click on the image to see thumbnails of all
the twelve signs. (The sample to the left is for Libra, since that’s my
sun sign. I thought the center post of the scales came out sort of looking
like a stylized, shapely female – heh.) Eventually, I’m going to do
designs for Celtic Moon Astrology, mostly based on different kinds of
trees, but not for a while yet… must… take… break…from… large…
projects… for…. now. I did manage to sneak the same small, simple
triskelle type knot into each silhouette of this series though, probably
just because I could. It may be hard to see unless you look at zoom images
for the products, but trust me, it’s there. *grin*

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