Astrally Speaking. A bunch of us on an email list have started what
will most likely be an ongoing OBE (out of body experience) project. At
the moment, we’re picking a few days and focusing on meeting astrally at
Stonehenge. Saturday night I actually got there! I layed back down after
John had left for his early shift and very quickly I realized I was
out-of-body, and headed directly for Stonehenge. I experienced the stones
and environment as really, really dark, but with a brilliant white light
in the middle. I saw the silhouettes of two people before I woke up,
which I think I recognized (and then I ‘woke up’ – DOH!). The people I
think they were also had really interesting dreams that sort of synched
with my own experiences, in a conceptual sort of way, enough so I can
consider this a ‘hit’ in its own way.

I wasn’t sure if I was going
to get there actually, as I’d tried Friday night but our dog decided to
bark every hour because of distant coyotes, so I barely got any real sleep
that night, much less have an OBE – LOL. Anyway, this is fun, and should
be interesting to see where we go with it!

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