Give Me A Head With Hair… I’d been cutting my hair myself for the last 8 years or so, which is possible when it’s long, but unless you’re really good it tends to leave the back in a scoop shape instead of a straight cut. I’m good in that I can usually get it to look balanced but I’m not “really” good. So yesterday, I went to an actual SALON and had an actual STYLIST cut it! She cut about 6 inches off, as I asked, and did a wonderful job. My hair now only reaches to about the center of my back, and it feels so “short” (relatively speaking) but wonderful. I got really sick of having it restrict my neck movement if I was leaning against the back of a chair, and having to pick it up and move it if I wanted to roll over in bed without it wrapping around my neck. No more split ends! Hair is light and practically floats on its own! Woo Hoo!!!

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