Drum roll please!! I made a couple of new “Autumn”ish Celtic Designs: Celtic Autum Leaves and Celtic Elements. Okay, the Celtic Elements isn’t EXACTLY about Fall, but it is Autumnish when you think about changing weather, orange, yellow & green, and things like that. Well, okay, it just SEEMS Autumnish to me, so there. *grin*

Celtic Autumn LeavesCeltic Elements - sun, rain, wind, snow

I took advantage of a special cafepress was giving to storeowners to get myself one of the new, larger totebags with the Celtic Autumn Leaves design on it (just to test the new product, you know), and it came out SO cool – can’t wait til September to come so I can use it without being accused of rushing the seasons. (Although if summer ended today and fall started tomorrow I’d do a little happy dance – LOL – but that’s just me.) Oh! And I made a different version of the “Elements” design for the framed panel print and the small poster, and am pretty happy with the way it came out: click here to check it out.

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