Celtic ShieldMore Shop Stuff. Geez – July has been a busy month for my art shop, in terms of new designs and products and all of that! First, the new design… it’s odd how ‘art’ can come out of the humble beginnings of a small 2″ square sketch I did while I was waiting for John to get off the internet – LOL. Turned out to be a pretty cool black and white “illustration” type design that reminded me of images of Celtic Shields I’ve seen in books. (Click here to see the design on t-shirts, totebags, etc. – you know the drill!)

And, yay cafepress, I’ve also been able to add some new, and INEXPENSIVE products to the lineup – Buttons (Badges to those overseas, and for Harry Potter fans – LOL) and Refrigerator Magnets – both are about 2.25″ round and, at the moment, are available with Celtic and Metaphysical type designs/slogans on them. These are so much fun to design, I’ll most likely be adding a lot more when I get a chance. (Shipping is also much cheaper for these, BTW.) I think I’ll order a bunch of magnets myself and decorate up our fridge a bit!

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