Hummingbird Shower. I was outside, watering the garden, filling the little waterbowl for the birds and bees, when a little green hummingbird zoomed down from the nearby Live Oak tree. It seemed really interested in the water stream, so I tried to keep it steady and not too strong. After a moment, it darted forward, took a few drinks, and buzzed through the outside spray a few times, and then flew to the chickenwire surrounding the garden. (Keep in mind, this is all going on barely three feet away from me, at chest level.) As it perched on the chickenwire (only a foot from me!), it shook its wings out here and there, from the water, buzzing all the while, and then finally took off back into the trees.

I’m pretty sure it was a female Calliope Hummingbird – it was so tiny and its back was green with yellowish highlights, almost metallic-looking, and very vivid. Anyway, it was one of those really special moments where mundane life fades into the background and magic shows itself, upclose and personal.

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