A few months ago I moved our recipes from this site to their own weblog and home at Food Follies. Today, I’ve relocated my photos to a new home too, the Art of FoxVox Gallery. It includes a bit more than photos; there’s also a gallery of my Celtic Designs, which can be sent as free e-cards. (I got so many search-engine hits for people looking for Celtic E-cards when I stopped using a service that had too many popup ads, that I’ve been looking for another way to implement them for a while. All hail the praises of freeware and GPL!) And I’m pretty sure this domain will always be my weblog – it just seems very at home here, even if other pieces are being shuffled around a bit.

So anyway, stop by when you get a chance and check out the new digs! *grin* More to come of course – lots of space for new stuff there!

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