I am ridiculously pleased with a new glass covered butter dish we acquired recently. We tried using a butter bell, but even in water couldn’t cool things enough in the hottest weather to prevent the butter from slipping down into the water. While it was a good shot at trying to keep butter out and soft enough to spread, it just wasn’t functionally up to the task. And we just kept forgetting it was in there in its opaque ceramic crockery – out of sight, out of mind. Sure, we’ll have to keep the butter in the fridge in the summers, but not yet. And until then, it sits magestically on our kitchen table. We can reload it just by tossing in a new stick (unlike the butter bell, which we had to smush the butter into, and a whole stick was just a BIT too much for the bell), and can see it in there, and when we need more, at just a glance. Sometimes, you just have to appreciate the little things. 🙂

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