A helicopter just buzzed our house, so low that I thought it was trying to find a spot to land! (Last time that happened, it was a red cross helicopter landing to evacuate us during the flood here – all roads were wiped out. At that time John said, “It’s landing!” and I dismissed it, “No, it’s not!” It WAS – LOL.) This time, the helicopter circled once and kept going – I think it might have been trying to follow our little private road back into the hills. I didn’t get a chance to read what was on the side of it – it might have been the local hospital helicopter – I wonder if they have an emergency call and have to airlift someone. It was larger than those little bubble helicopters, but smaller than the double-rotary red cross one. After a few minutes, the helicopter came back, circled a bit, and then continued on down the county road – still low enough so that the surrounding hilltops were actually above the blades. I hope they find what they are looking for quickly!!

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