My earthquake story: I’d just left the bank and got into my car and turned the car on. I immediately noticed that the car was rocking a lot, as if something was wrong with the motor. But then I looked at the truck next to me, which was ALSO rocking. And I thought maybe it was gusty wind. But then everything just kept on rocking, and I saw that ALL the cars were doing that. It lasted about two minutes – usually we just get instantaneous, sharp jolts around here, if anything. Everyone who was in the parking lot kinda looked at each other and started talking. I then continued onto the grocery store, tuning into the news station on my way – it was a 6.5. In the store, everyone was chatting. A woman told me that another woman thought she was just getting dizzy and that she might pass out, until she learned it was an earthquake. All the shelves swayed back and forth slightly. Doesn’t seem to have been any damage to our area though.

You know, I almost always get nauseous feelings before an earthquake, but I never remember to connect them at the time. For the last few days, I’ve felt queasy on and off at times during the day, right in the stomach area. Yeah, yeah, so what if I learned about the effects of ULF waves on humans from the movie Phenomenon – it still counts, and it works. 😉

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