Random Acts of Semi-Consciousness… YAY! We’ve gotten rain TWICE here so far – once a few days ago and this morning as well! Which is terrific, of course – ahhh, nothing like the sound of rain on a tin roof! The only DOWN side to rain is that we get rocks randomly falling out of hillsides here in the country and littering the roads. John happened upon one of these random rocks the other day and wasn’t able to swerve in time – ended up with a flat tire and a dented wheel. So today we’re getting that fixed/replaced and we both have to drive into town early…. the cool thing is that everything is still wet at the moment. Haven’t driven on a wet road since last April – you don’t realize how much you can miss the swooshy sound of vehicles through wet streets and puddles – heh. Also, since it’s much colder finally, I get to wear my purple velvety/velour shirt again, and you can’t put a price on that. (Technically, it’s true, since I didn’t buy it, I made it.) *grin* Okay, I’m done now. 😉

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