John and I have decided to form a rock and roll band called, “Cake or Death”. We’ll make up t-shirts, and promotional beer coasters for classy clubs. We’ll visit large cities and plaster incoherent and smudgy 8 1/2 x 11 photocopies of our flyer (containing way too many trendy and hard to read fonts) on every telephone pole we see. These flyers will have imbedded in them specialized microchips that will burn holes through any flyers that other band wannabes will staple over ours, leaving only the edges by the staples with ‘and let that be a lesson to you’ burned into the paper triangles. We’ll start a web site with only one page that says, “Due to overusage of bandwidth allotments, this site has been temporarily disabled,” which will generate awe and a misplaced sense of our popularity among the insipid.

That’s the plan.

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