I was doing laundry at this little laundromat the other day, and got to talking with another woman also doing laundry. She spoke of losing both her children in a plane crash ten years ago, losing her parents’ house (but saving her parents) in a flood in North Dakota seven years ago, rebuilding her life a few times over, and other amazing tales. Then, she told me that she’d recently moved here and was looking for a job. She wanted to know if I knew of any nursing homes in the area – she’d once cooked for about 80 people, and loved working with the elderly, even in her spare time. I could barely contain myself as I told her that my partner John just HAPPENED to work in a nursing home, as a cook, and that his particular building had an open position for a Diet Aide. After her laundry was done, she sped over to the hospital and had a nice, informal chat with John’s supervisor, who hadn’t even put the job announcement into the paper yet – LOL. After her chat, she sped back to the laundromat to give me a hug and thank me! *grin* I haven’t heard yet, but it seems unlikely that such a wonderful series of synchronicities with such a wonderful person would go unrewarded! 🙂

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