Lyrical Snip Du Jour: “I’ve got an achin’ in my heart, and arson on my mind – I’m gonna burn your playhouse down.” But you have to sing it in an almost impossibly thick Irish accent, or otherwise it’s just not quite as funny. *grin* Yup – found an old tape of The Proclaimers this morning. And now I’ve slipped an old Oingo Boingo CD into the player – Dead Man’s Party used to be our intro music for my friend Dennis’ and my radio show in college. We’d play a mix of classic rock and what was then called ‘alternative rock’ – like R.E.M.’s Document album type stuff. Last time I played an old tape of our show I noticed that, in comparison, my nasal upstate New York accent has faded SLIGHTLY over time and travel – it’s still there in all its overpronounced glory but now I use my mouth to speak more than my nose. Somewhat. *snort*

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