I was driving through town yesterday with John and Tom, when suddenly I saw a white blob in the street and could only get out, “John! Get it!” It was a little puppy wandering around in traffic – a four-lane street in the suburbs. John jumped out of the car and waved his hands at oncoming traffic and managed to get to the side of the road where the puppy had then run. Then he coaxed it out from under a parked car.

Figuring that it had just somehow gotten loose from a yard, he walked up and down the street ringing doorbells – most everyone just said, “Not my dog” or some variation in rough English. One guy just said, “Lots of animals just get dropped off in that empty lot by the grocery store. That one’s been running around all day.” We all felt like whacking the guy upside the head for that one. How can you POSSIBLY watch a puppy run around in traffic and not try to do SOMETHING about it? What a neighborhood! *shudder*

Anyway, we brought the puppy back home and were going to write up a ‘free to good home’ flyer – here’s the photo I’d taken for it:

It looks like a cross between a Boston Terrier and a Chihuahua – very gentle and affectionate too. Anyway, that evening Tom had sent an email to his family, telling about the puppy, and his mom wrote back and said that it looked just like a dog she’d had as a kid and how about if THEY adopted it?

Perfect! (This is definitely one of those times I just felt like some kind of delivery person or ‘runner’ for the universe – LOL.) This morning we dropped the puppy off and he’s definitely ‘home’ now. Don’t you just love happy endings? And puppies? *grin*

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