About 13 years ago (at college) I spent a year playing a lot of cribbage. Since then, I’d forgotten everything except that I used to know how to play cribbage. A few days ago, however, with Tom visiting, we were inspired to read the instructions and wake up the old memories. (Tom had a notion about once being able to play cribbage too – heh.)

Well, the instructions on the game sheet that came with the little scoring board thingie were like trying to solve one of those “Train A leaves Arizona with 40 passengers going 65 mph….” word problems, but without any kind of connective logic and with drastically important elements missing completely. While we were trying to figure it out it sounded like we were just making up the rules as we went along…. “Do I get a point? There’s a jack on the pile.” “No, I think that only counts after we play the hand.” “But if I have the jack of the same suit… does it count if I have the Queen too?” “Count in what way? Do you have a five?”… and so on. Calvin and Hobbes couldn’t have done better with their ad hoc baseballing.

Eventually, however, we did figure it out… mostly. And we keep trying to “skunk” each other – which is a really funny thing to say when you’re not sure what it might mean. *grin*

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