I LOVE “phonetic” stories… the first one I ran across was in my Technical Editing class – the professor handed out a copy of “Laddle Rat Rotten Hut”. *grin* Thanks to jamespake at metafilter for linking to this one just in time for the holidays! (If you’re not ‘getting’ it – read it out loud, slowly at first -you will.

Tweeze Denied Beef Worker Isthmus

Author Unknown (Possibly Ron Hardin?)*

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Knot agreed juries during, gnaw Tiffany moss.
This talking swear unbided Gemini wit cairn
Hint opus scenic (alas!) sinewy dare.
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Well fissions unshoe kerplunks thence endear huts.
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Ice brine bromide bet deucey woodwinds schemata.
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Door roping tier shatters untrue hump these ash.
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Gaffe cholesterol metier due abjects elope.
Wane wood tummy wandering ice shittah pear,
Vital men etchers lay mandate tidy Rainier.
Whittle it whole dolt river salival equipt,
Sinewy mom aunt isthmus bee-stain nicked.
Mere rabbit-torn evils whose gorses became
Any weaseled end shuttered, uncool tomboy maim.
“Node azure! No Dunce era! No France urine fixing!
Uncommit! And cubit! Andante ran vexing!
Toady tipoff deport chew detypify well!
Gnaw dish aweigh, dish aweigh, dish aweigh awl!”
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Wind emit wooden apse stickle, mountie-desk eye,
Sew-up two-deep how stop duck horsers dubloon,
Witty slave fallow toils, ascend nickel loss due.
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A brain sinning Boeing effete shiney huff.
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Bounding gym knee-scent knick (alas!) game winning pound.
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Anus closed whorled varnished wood asses in suits.
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Any luck lockup addler chest (hope?) nimbus peck.
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Exchequer lachryosis, whizz snows locket jury.
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Amdahl biered honest Genesis weight hostess know.
Distempered ape pie pea yelled tiding is steed,
Undies mocha answer cul de sac lackey reed.
Egad! Abroad fastener litter hound bully
Achoo! quaintly left, lacking bull feeling jolly.
Iwis champion blimp — arrayed chilly wool delve,
Any left whinney sow hymn, enspied off Moselle.
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Swoon gamey tonneau ahead knitting two tread.
Ease poke naught award, Beduoin strayed duets orc,
Infield eldest tuggings; interned witty chert,
End lioness fanger a sight office gnus,
Ant gibbon unknot, upon chimpanzee rows.
Hasp Rangoon is lay, due esteem guava wistful,
Ending weight day elf loo, lacking town ova tassle;
Buddy herding explain air hedge rowboat design,
“Hopping rich musty woolen due awl incondite!”

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