I’m usually pretty happy when I remember my dreams, even snippets of them, because I can see where they apply to my waking life and where they otherwise have relevance for me. Lately, however, I feel like I’m dreaming pieces that feel like they were just cut from someone else’s dreams – I feel no connection to them. Can’t even analyze the symbology because meaning is subjective, and I’ve yet to discover any meaning for me.

Lately I feel like dream symbols could mean anything and I don’t know which possibility fits me. Like, one of my dreams last night was me living in this ‘new’ but old apt. in a city somewhere. I pushed on one of the walls for some reason and the WHOLE building toppled over. Then Phoebe from Friends told me something like, “Well, yeah. Didn’t you know these places were built haphazardly, with cardboard and such?” I hadn’t. Now sure, symbologically or metaphorically, it has to do with flimsy frameworks, whether they are personal perspectives or mental or actual structures. And I COULD MAKE it fit somewhere in my life, and could create relevance, but it feels rather manufactured or contrived. Like writing a story to fit a moral instead of letting the story write itself. I guess I miss the relevance of knowing what the story’s about, since it’s about ME. I’d like to change that.

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