They look just like sticks. Until you’re running along, playing with the dogs, and about to step on one. Then suddenly, they look like rattlesnakes.

This one was about three feet long, but it looks a bit larger in the photos. I jumped back, called the dogs inside, then came out with my camera; never once did the snake rattle or seem annoyed. (And yes, it was alive – LOL – I saw it’s tongue flick in and out.) It’s the same one we saw before, if a bit fatter, but luckily still mellow. It layed there while I crept around it, telling it I was just taking a photo, nothing to worry about. (Which reminded me of the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon where Calvin walks through the house saying something like, “Just getting a bucket, nothing to be alarmed about.” *grin*) I checked just a moment ago after formatting the photos – it’s gone now – it never seems to hang around long.

p.s. – my archives are screwed up right now – just wanted to let you know that I knew.

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