Well, I have been a busy little… er… fox the last few days, making lot of cool STUFF for my art store!

I made all six of my mandala designs into porcelain ornaments. I also added a ‘celtic turtle’ design to ornaments after someone online mentioned how a certain celtic knot I’d done looked like a turtle – I love a fun design challenge.

In the Gifts & Novelties section of my art store, I created two photo frame designs as well – one that looks like wood-burned celtic knotwork and another that looks like carved pale green marble. (Both are just printed designs, not actually carved or burned – just wanted to make that clear – LOL). I added a celtic turtle ceramic tile to this section as well (on request), and also did up some fun holiday mugs. One of them is a very… festive looking cow which just cracks me up. (Click here if you want to see the cow mug with the zoomed image at the bottom of the page.)

Through this entire process I’ve realized, on a very conscious level for perhaps the first time, how much I just love designing STUFF. When I was a technical writer, I got to ‘moonlight’ with the marketing department for special events and would get to design announcements or things like a plastic cup or tumbler, or promotional luggage tag, etc. I didn’t really care what it WAS, I just enjoyed the process and then seeing the final product. I picture myself with this happy, Christmas-morning-like expression all the while I create these things – thank god there’s usually no one around to watch me – ROFL.

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